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New Installation

1. Upload files:

Unzip and upload all files in the folder "Upload" to your server.

2. File permissions:

Chmod 777 the following files and folders:

+ ./cache/html (for html caching files)
+ ./cache/php (for php caching files)
+ ./images/articles (for article images)
+ ./images/events (for events)
+ ./images/faqs (for faqs)
+ ./images/logos (for logos)
+ ./images/newslt_issues (for newsletter)
+ ./images/pictures (for news pictures)
+ ./upload (for temporary files)
+ ./htaccess (May be hidden. Please view hidden files.)
+ ./config.php
+ ./install.lock

3. Run program:

Open file "install/install.php" on your web browser (Ex: http://www.yourdomain.com/news_path/install/install.php), complete all fields and start install.

4. Finish:

After installing the script, please chmod 644 these files for security:


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